Tao te ka-ching: From The Australian:
A THAI Buddhist monk agreed to strip corporate sponsorship logos from his famous Bangkok temple Monday after the brash advertisements caused an uproar in the deeply religious kingdom.

Thai television showed images of monks holding large ceremonial fans bearing advertisements for the 'MK' restaurant chain and the BTS mass transit system, as well as prominent sponsorship signs above rows of golden Buddha statues

The use of logos on monk's ceremonial fans, which usually carry reflective passages on the nature of death during traditional Thai funerals, drew particularly harsh criticism...

A furious Thai woman who attended a funeral at the temple told the Thai Post newspaper that whenever she looked up for words of comfort she instead saw a sign enticing her to eat at 'MK'.
And: To earn back karma points for conflating Buddhism and Taoism just to make a bad pun in that headline, here's a public-domain version of LaoTzu's Tao te ching. OK?

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