Thanks, George W!
Republicans provide Progressives with letter-writing tool:
Billmon has a great idea: use the Bush campaign's rather sophisticated letter-to-the-editor writing tool to send progressive-themed mail to your hometown papers. Just enter your zip code, then select which--may I suggest all--papers you'd like your automated, Bush email to go to, then hit send. (It seems to be good software with a surprisingly diverse database; when I type in my zip code, I can select the major dailies in the Twin Cities, plus the alternative weeklies, a neighborhood paper or two, titles from the minority press, and papers in first-ring suburbs; but be warned, the site requires you to accept cookies--i.e. the GOP will be trackin' you.)

Constitutional amendment: Conservative gay blogger Andrew Sullivan, who says Bush's proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage means the president wants homosexuals to be "stigmatized in the very founding document of America", runs a series of interesting letters on the topic. Like this one:
I organized my life around four institutions: my family, the Presbyterian Church, the Boy Scouts and the Republican Party. They summed up what seemed to me a sensible view of life and the world, embodying loyalty, unconditional love, a quiet, thoughtful exercise of faith, a commitment to ethical behavior, and a limited government that did the things it needed for the public good but otherwise left people alone to be all they could become and savor the victory of having done so. Then I came out, and one by one those four institutions turned their backs on me...

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