Four more years? Chomsky says that four more years of the Bush administration could be "extremely dangerous for the country, and the world, and could cause, maybe, irreparable harm."

Most trusted: In a new Roper poll, PBS was seen as the nation's most trusted institution, and the second best use of tax dollars after defense. Meanwhile, Bush inexplicably (but thankfully) decided to increase funding for longtime neocon whipping boy, the National Endowment for the Arts, by 15 percent.

Race reversal: A link from A Welsh View:
Wayne Joseph, the principal of a big suburban high school in southern California, had an unequivocal sense of his black heritage, having written extensively about race in America. But after seeing a TV story last April about a Florida company, DNA Print Genomics, which marketed an ancestry-by-DNA test, he began to wonder exactly how much of him was African, how much wasn't, and what else there might be in his genes.

"I sent away for their kit and received the kit, happened to swab both sides of my cheek and sent the swabs in," Joseph said.

A few weeks later, the results arrived at his comfortable Claremont, Calif., home.

"I just glanced at it, just a cursory glance initially ? didn't really notice it much," Joseph said. "Then, I went back to it, because all of a sudden it hit me exactly what I had read. And it read, 57 percent Indo-European, 39 percent Native American, 4 percent East Asian and 0 percent African.

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