Power to the unpopular! An unpopular kid at a Canadian high school--described as socially aware and more into science than sports--was voted valedictorian as a malicious joke by classmates who intended to ridicule him. But when Andrew Ironside, aware of the joke, took the podium for the commencement speech at Ontario's Oakville Trafalgar High School, the self-described "nerd type" took the opportunity to confront his classmates cattiness' and cruelty. "A lot of you were jerks," he said, adding that he'd "probably never see any of you again." The speech sent shockwaves through the school, prompting much soul-searching in the community, according to high school administrators. "Valedictorians always go up there and talk about how we have all these great memories--the best memories of our lives," said Ironside, now studying biochemistry at Brock University. "I didn't want to talk like that. I wanted to maybe help the people who didn't have the greatest time in high school." I especially love that his story concludes the National Post's weeklong series of articles on "ordinary Canadians who showed extraordinary courage."

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