This just in: antiwar protesters are evil

The rightwing group AIM--ironically "Accuracy in Media"--has figured it all out: antiwar activists are "communists, socialists, radical Muslims and other America-haters." The article goes on to say, "Moveon.org is regarded even by the liberal U.S. media as a front of the Democratic Party. The group has benefited from millions of dollars from George Soros and Peter Lewis, financial backers of the drug legalization movement."

For a glimpse into AIM's editorial bent, consider this opinion on the "biased" media coverage of Martin Luther King day: "The major media deliberately concealed the facts about how the civil rights movement has degenerated into a collection of political extremists, homosexual militants, Muslim activists, and anti-American Marxists." Or a guest columnist's thoughts on the "militant" Democratic senators who opposed a handful of Bush's extremist judicial nominees:
Among those highly qualified people President Bush nominates are Roman Catholics who (unlike, e.g., Senators Daschle, Kennedy and Leahy) practice the Faith more than selectively; Blacks whose outstanding legal and/or judicial careers embarrass and expose the professional Black we-are-all-victims leadership; Americans who believe with our ancestors that we are a nation "under God" (an honored phrase from President George Washington's Farewell Address until its recent Ninth Circuit guillotine); and men and women of many faiths who believe abortion is the functional equivalent of murder.
Even their fundraising appeal asks you to "Support Accuracy in Media's Crusade for Honest News Coverage."

I would, if that's what they were selling.

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