The truth about Cynthia McKinney

Greg Palast seeks out the truth about former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who lost her re-election bid when NPR, The New York Times, and others quoted her as saying the Bush administration may have known about the September 11 attacks beforehand. Problem is, she never said anything of the sort.

But wait, there's more to the story than that.

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UPDATE 6/20: Transcripts of a speech given by Rep. McKinney to the Congressional Black Caucus in September 2002 reveal what McKinney did say:
And after I've asked the tough questions, here's what we now know:

* That President Bush was warned that terrorists were planning to hijack commercial aircraft and crash them into buildings in the US;
* That in the weeks prior to September 11, 24-hour fighter cover was placed over the President's ranch in Crawford, Texas;
* That in the weeks prior to September 11, Attorney General Ashcroft stopped flying commercial aircraft and instead flew Government aircraft;
* That the US received numerous high level warnings from a wide range of foreign intelligence services warning of impending hijackings and terrorist attacks;
* That a number of FBI agents were pleading with their superiors to conduct intensive investigations into the suspicious activities of various men in US flight schools;
* That in the days prior to September 11, highly suspicious stock market activity in aviation and insurance stocks took place indicating that certain well-placed people had advance knowledge of the attacks.

And now this week we learn that the FBI had an informant living with two of the actual 9-1-1 hijackers. All of this has become public knowledge since I asked the simple question: What did the Bush Administration know and when did it know it.
(Thanks for the link, dear reader whose e-mail I accidentally deleted.)

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