Love, Whole Foods-style

When workers at a Madison, Wisconsin Whole Foods Market decided to unionize, the corporate CEO sent out a memo calling the decision "a very sad chapter in the history of Whole Foods Market... Madison made a mistake in their choice. It may take time for them to realize it, but I believe that they eventually will. We all make many mistakes in life. It is all part of our growth process because that is how we learn, that is how we grow. When confronted by great stress in life, we have but only 2 choices: 1. Contract into fear. 2. Expand into love." But love isn't what pro-union workers at the 143-store chain have gotten: some have been fired (they say illegally), some have been assaulted, some threatened. Now the New York Times is reporting on the anti-union efforts of the "Wal-Mart of Natural Foods." (Via Cursor)

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