A day in the life.

Tired of war, Bush, "and now the numbers," downsizing, unreturned phonecalls, tepid Democrats, country music, right-wingers, Cub Foods, potholes, Republicans, SARS, Fox News, loudmouth pundits, prescription drug commercials, pollen, dog-fur dustbunnies, beautiful people, cell phones, news about the Dixie Chicks, Dick Cheney, anything that rhymes with Rumsfeld, SUVs with flags, terrorism, much of the state of Texas, nicknames like Dr. Germ and Chemical Ali, "The Matrix Reloaded," my job, "Liberate Iraq" lawn signs, Darryl Worley, Clear Channel, orange-stained fingers from Cheetohs, Michael Powell, Tony Blair, redundancy, redundancy, the president's flight suit, people who say "Westconsin," patriotism, or whatever else is getting under your skin these days? I can't help with any of that. Sorry. But I can recommend a visit to A Day in the Life, a web site that shows a single photo every day. Just one. Shot by a different photographer from a different location. It's...simple.

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