Beyond Bomb Pops

Remember the militaristic red, white, and blue missile-shaped Bomb Pops? Now Star Spangled Ice Cream is one-upping them. Sick of donating to "liberal" causes through the purchase of Ben & Jerry's ice cream (like those bleedin' heart programs for inner-city youth, organic farmers, and illiterate kids), two conservative entrepeneurs have started making ice-cream that supports conservative causes (i.e. the military). With names like "Nutty Environmentalist" and "I Hate the French Vanilla," they're sure to corner the kooky, rich right-wing market (a gallon costs $76). But they seem to be leaving a few flavors out. "Ku Klux Flan" was one suggestion I came across in the site's mailbag. But how about "Bush's Key Lyin' Pie" (see previous post about the Pentagon's--ahem--fudging of intelligence on WMDs). Or perhaps "Reagan Rum Raisin" (the ice cream that won't trickle down!). Maybe that's overthinking things. After all, what's more uncomplicated, bland, and white than...Vanilla?

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