Food Stuff

A few quick links on the stuff of life:

The US's top trade offical, trying to bully the EU into dropping barriers to the sale of American genetically modified crops, diplomatically calls them "luddites" and "immoral" and European policies "antiscientific." But the EU, God love 'em, isn't buying.

After the holidays, The Guardian's George Monbiot, a meat-eater, is thinking about going, ahem, cold turkey. The environmental costs of meat, dairy and egg production are preventing us from feeding the world's hungry: while around 800 million people are permanently malnourished right now, livestock consume half of the world's grain. (Click here, then look for the link, "The Poor Get Stuffed.")

Holy cow! McDonalds in the UK begins offering cartons of organic milk to complement the free-range eggs they already use. Who knew?

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