Cataloging Twin Cities art blogs

When I look at Modern Arts Notes' Minneapolis art blogs list, I cringe: Just two? So in the spirit giving visibility to Twin Cities makers and thinkers about art, I'm going start cataloging blogs by and about contemporary art and design. First in the series -- led off by an image from my favorite local visual-culture blog, ROLU -- is blogs about art. I'll follow it up with posts listing artist-created blogs and blogs by graphic designers. (Sorry, as theater and dance aren't my forte, I'll skip those; ditto with personal photoblogs.) If you've got titles of active blogs about contemporary art or design, please leave them in comments or email me. Hopefully the list will grow over time...

Art of This Blog
Arts Orbit
The Chronicle of Artistic Failure in America
Northern Lights
Public Address (Northern Lights and Forecast Public Art)
South Twelfth
Springboard for the Arts
Start Seeing Art
Walker Art Center blogs
We Work Here

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Anonymous said...

This is a great list, here's my new minneapolis art blog if you're interested http://film-photography-art.blogspot.com/

Cheri Johnson said...

Hi, Paul! I started a blog this fall on which I write about arts in the Twin Cities. In October I wrote about the visual artist Peter Geyen: http://www.cheribooksandmusic.com/blog

Thanks for the list!

Cultural magazine said...

Hi paul... Im very interested in art, magazines etc.. I am a designer... I saw your post its just amazing.. I refer your post for designing..

Creative Girl said...
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