Cataloging Twin Cities artist blogs

Alec Soth's Little Brown Mushroom Blog

Following up Monday's post on noteworthy Twin Cities–based blogs about visual art, here's my running tally of local blogs by artists. My aim isn't to create a comprehensive catalogue of all artist bloggers, but to highlight what I think are some of the more interesting examples of working contemporary artists discussing or presenting their work in a blog format. Got a suggestion? Leave a link in comments or email me.

... ___ ... (Hardland Heartland)
Big Time Attic (Zander Cannon, Kevin Cannon)
Jennifer Davis
FrankGaard.org (Frank Gaard)
Fox and Owl (Erika Olson Gross)
Good Morning, Andrew (Andrew Schroeder)
Gut of Art (Nick Harper)
Little Brown Mushroom (Alec Soth)
Little Brown Miscellanea (Alec Soth)
Now that we're being honest... (Lacey Prpic Hedtke)
Ongoing (Margaret Pezalla)
Meat Market (Garrett Perry, Kristina Mooney, Suzanne Mahoney)
Mt. Holly Mayor's Office (Mike Haeg)
Ruben Nusz
sostonedrightnow (Crystal Quinn)
Terrence Payne
Rephotographica (George Slade)
Amy Rice
Marilyn Stevens
Scott Stulen
Swank Dollar (Annie Larson)
Tectonic Industries (Lars Boye Jerlach, Helen Stringfellow)
Tonja Torgerson

Graphic design blogs in Minneapolis-St. Paul.


Anonymous said...

Check out http://becauseweliketo.com Its a little bit of everything.. a few MPLS contributors.. work, interests, inspiration.

Anonymous said...


http://somuchpileup.blogspot.com/ (some overlap from that above)

(a little less conventional layout)

Z$ said...


An Art & Design Collective including twin cities based Zach Koss.


Anonymous said...

shameless self-promo because I'm new in town:

thanks for looking~

Paul Schmelzer said...

Thanks for the link, and welcome to town!