Bits: 06.16.11

• Minneapolis yarn-art crew HOT TEA forgo spelling out their name on a fence near the farmer's market, instead opting to draw a pair of geese.

• The Atlantic offers a truly amazing photo gallery: "DIY Weapons of the Libyan Rebels."

• The New York Times runs an interactive feature by Roberta Smith that asks readers to comment on artworks in the Venice Biennale using only six words. LA Times arts writer Christopher Knight tweets in response: "Odd: Why would an art critic ask readers to comment on art they hadn't seen?"

• Starving artists often have to hustle to make ends meet. Student Joshua Dickson did just that, signing on for more than 100 medical research tests -- and documenting the entire process in video and photography for an art project.

• In video at the gossip site TMZ, Shepard Fairey publicly dresses down his wife after she revealed that it's been a long time since the street artist, instead of his crew, has been out on the streets installing his work.

• Congrats to Minneapolis-based Highpoint Center for Printmaking on winning an AIA Minnesota Merit Award for its new facility, designed by architect James Dayton.

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