Bits: 03.11.10

The landscape of helipads (above), by the Center for Land Use Interpretation.

• Tyler Green looks at Kendall Geers' proposal for the Guggenheim's Contemplating the Void exhibition through the lens of torture. Geers' plan would install his 1995 text-based work in the museum rotunda:
A bomb has been hidden, somewhere within this exhibition, set to explode at a time known to the artist alone. While it is not my intention to kill anyone, that risk does exist. I apologize in advance for any injuries, fatalities, damage or other inconvenience that my work, will cause. In this matter I have no choice, being as much a victim of the course of Art History and contemporary politics as those who are hurt in the process. I take consolation in the fact that chance will be entirely responsible for the final statistics.
• Hrag on the New Museum's unofficial new ad campaign.

• A work by the late Simon Sparrow, a self-taught artist and preacher in Madison, Wis., and the subject of one of my first in-depth bits of art writing, was featured on Antiques Road Show last week (fast-forward to 3:56). Here's a piece of his at the Smithsonian.

Architecture of Consequence, on view now through May 20 at the Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam. Via The Pop-Up City, which calls out a floating island designed for Amsterdam by Dutch architect Anne Holtrop with Studio Noach and botanist Patrick Blanc.

• The daughter of Korda, the Cuban photographer whose image of Che Guevara is inarguably the most iconic in the country's history, is suing those who use the now-copyrighted image.

• Burlesque interviews Broken Crow about their SXSW murals.

• This video of Kirsten Dunst singing "I'm Turning Japanese," directed by Takashi Murakami, is "so two months ago," I'm told. Via Hiroshi Sunairi on Facebook.

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