Bits: 12.30.09

Kermit on a bike: modified lane marker in Newtown, Sydney, Australia, by CallanB, Flickr

• New York's Museum at Eldridge Street has commissioned artist Kiki Smith and architect Deborah Gans to create a permanent stained-glass window for the historic 1887 Lower East Side synagogue. DesignBoom has the preliminary drawings.

• This is definitely deserving of a long post of its own, but in case that doesn't happen: ROLU has launched scattered light, a participatory poster and attendant photo exhibition project by asdf, commissioned by ROLU.

• A "huffy" Canada has shut down two spoof sites critical of the country's response to climate change. Problem is, in the process they killed some 4,500 other sites as well.

• Artnet compiles its year-end list "completely at random": "We won’t go into the details of our procedure, but let’s just say it involved a 12-sided die, and it would make John Cage proud." Via Joy Garnett on Facebook.

• Speaking of Joy Garnett, she offers the ten "most scathing art review zingers of 2009." My fave: Artforum's Gene McHugh writes that the New Museum's Younger than Jesus triennial inaugurated "the era of the exhibition as status update."

• As C-Monster's Carolina Miranda looks at bug-based art, Art:21's Nicole Caruth recaps the year in meat.

• Speaking of C-Monster, check out her new gallery of street-art in San Jose, Costa Rica.

• Video: The most important 6-second drum loop in music history. Via Mediation.

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