Bits: 02.27.09

Work by Deuce Seven, who's showing at Minneapolis' SooVAC Mar. 13-Apr. 12

• Drawing inspiration from WWII conservation campaigns, the Green Patriot Posters contest is calling on designers, including names like Michael Bierut and DJ Spooky, to create posters to mobilize people around the crisis of climate change. (Via Good.)

• Tyler Green links to a great gallery of WPA posters from the Library of Congress.

• Good comments on my Art:21 post about why there's so little rightwing street art. Hrag sends along a link for Gipper graf; unsure if that qualifies.

• I'm liking the murals of David de la Mano from the slate quarries of Salamanca.

A uniquely Minnesota art moment.

• OK, Cher definitely, but I kinda like the Black Sabbath one. The (allegedly) 100 worst album cover art. (Via Rat.)

• Total non sequitur, but here's Bob Barr.

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