The Big Picture: Congo portraits

Yet another remarkable edition of The Big Picture from the Boston Globe. Its Congo series includes the shot below of a war-displaced boy wearing an improvised sun hat made from wood and flip-flops. Above, an 8-year-old with machete scars on his head, Faustin Mugisa was "left for dead in a pile of corpses when ethnic Lendu militiamen hacked to death his mother and seven siblings in 2003."


* said...

Incredible images.

I hope I'm not making too much of this little detail, but "improvised sun hat made of wood and flip-flops" is not at all an adequate description of what that child has on his head. That is quite a beautiful and crafted object-- with that crest like a roman helmet!

Ang said...

That top photo and caption is so heartbreaking. The Big Picture always knows how to f you up.