Bits: 02.23.09

Yoram Wolberger's Red Indian #4 (Spearman) via Artnet.

• Antony Gormley, Jeremy Deller and others are protesting tightened visa rules that are preventing top artists, musicians and actors from visiting the UK.Via Regine's Delicious feed.

Photo gallery and essay: The KKK is alive and kicking in 2009.

• Jerry Saltz: "[I]t’s utterly ridiculous to claim that the art world is 'less ethical than the stock market'. The stock market made more people richer, made more people lose money, and brought the US to its knees. By comparison, the art world is relatively benign, and the unethical parts are relatively limited. No one in the art world jumped out of a window because a painting’s price decreased."

• The Times Online's list of top 100 blogs includes must-reads Wooster Collective, ArtFagCity, ArtForum.com's diary, BLDGBLOG and David Byrne's blog, plus tons more.

• In contrast to George W. Bush's favorite painting, the Obama's are considering artworks for their residence by Robert Raushenberg, Jasper Johns and Ed Ruscha.

• The New York Times looks at an artform unheralded by the Oscars -- the art of film titling.

• I'm guest-blogging at PBS's art:21 blog this week. Topic: How can art effect political change?

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