Bits: 02.22.09

Photos from the Motherland: Mark Brautigam's "On Wisconsin" series

• Via Twitter, Glowlab contrasts Takashi Murakami's vision for the Japanese art market with a New York Times story today about how frugal living by Japanese following that country's economic downturn in the mid-90s continues to wreak havoc.

• Pentagram on MoMA's new (old) identity. [via]

• Trust Art, "a stock market for cultural renewal." Here's how it works.

• John Halpern's 1979 documentary Transformer, in which Joseph Beuys discusses, among other topics, "how his life changed when the Russians shot down his German airplane during World War II, as well as his opinions on art, mankind, the state of the world, and some of his artistic inspirations."

• Via Ed Kohler's Gmail status, a great story I'd like to see more of: "Dinner with a stranger."

• Today's "word of the day" on Hasbro's official SCRABBLE page: Dildo.

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