Fimoculous includes Eyeteeth in year's best

Fimoculous' Rex Sorgatz, a former Twin Cities resident now living in Seattle, had some awfully nice things to say about Eyeteeth in his roundup of best blogs for 2006. Check out his list of 30 "Best Blogs of 2006 That You (Maybe) Aren't Reading."

Prompts a question: what are the best under-the-radar blogs you're reading? Leave 'em in the comments.


Norwegianity said...

Hmm, I guess I'm easily distracted. The fact that Rex mentioned both your blogs somehow kept me from noticing either one last night when I was looking at the list.

Congratulations! (BTW, I quit City Pages less than a month after Rex cited Babelogue in his '04 list....)

Anonymous said...

Two of my favorites: Daily Irrelevant and Eyebeam. n honor of your 'ghost bikes' post, Oil is for Sissies is great too.