Comparing greenhouse emissions

World Resources Institute illustrates America's disproportionate emission of greenhouse gases compared to other countries:
When it comes to climate change, states make a difference -- even when compared internationally. If states were ranked individually, six states -- Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Florida -- would rank among the top 30 emitters internationally.

This map, featured in Science magazine, shows how regions within the U.S. compare to major emitters. The lower 48 states are approximately equivalent to China, Brazil and the United Kingdom combined: or the United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, India, South Korea and Canada.

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Julian said...

I would love to see a map like this adjusted for countries' populations as well. China seems to be putting just over half the levels of emissions as the US, but it also has four times the amount of people to feed, house and clothe as the US. Bringing actual people into the analysis - not just the artificial unit of countries - makes the comparison even more stark.