My wish today is that everyone takes a moment to recognize that what we've got is enough, that Thanksgiving is about appreciation not consumption. Norman Soloman writes:
Whether seen in religious or humanist terms, the deeper approaches to “giving thanks” are distant from what has become the expected from mass media this time of year. Actual thanksgiving might bring the recognition that many people have at least all they really need—and are damn lucky, too, given the circumstances of many human lives on this planet. In contrast, a wide array of media messaging tells us that we don’t have what we need—and if we can just spend money the right way, we’ll get it.

Television commercials are constantly making the case that we should not—must not—be content with what we have. And the ads offer innumerable ways that spending money can remedy the situation. In that sense, much of media keeps stoking the hot coals of unthankfulness—dismissing what we already have as woefully insufficient.
See through it. Happy Thanksgiving.

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