Cargo by kayak

Looking over my guest map (sign it if you haven't), I noticed reader Tom in British Columbia has a unique business. In addition to his job as a graphic designer, he's part of the Kyoto Rangers, an "elite group of ocean kayakers and kite pilots who use wind and water currents to transport goods and communications." Like bike messengers of the sea for the communities of Clayoquot Sound, the group makes deliveries via kayaks, but accepts payment in pounds of wild salmon, with prices based on which zone you're in. "The leading edge of cargo delivery for the post-oil era," the Kyoto Rangers are still not entirely petroleum-free, but they're working to add gear to their fleet—including skin-over-bone construction kayaks and cedar dugout canoes—to eventually reach that goal. Tom, if you're reading, let us know how the endeavor is going.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Paul and fellow eyeteeth readers -- Tom from Kyoto Rangers here. To answer the most FA of Q, yes, I'm serious. So what's going on in your part of the world? Want to start a Rangers division of your own? Go for it, just be honest and let people know where you got the idea. I got it from these guys and these guys. Drop me a line at kyotorangers at differentsound dot net -- and look me up if you're in Clayoquot Sound! Cheers -- Tom