Found Caricatures: Pascal Fellonneau's Photos of French Campaign Posters

Pascal Fellonneau, a photographer based in Bordeaux and Paris, has been watching the French elections eagerly -- particularly the presidential campaign posters plastered on an array of surfaces across Paris. While he documents how the postings get altered by passersby -- a Hitler moustache drawn on Left Party candidate Jean-Luc MĂ©lenchon's face; ketchup lipstick on Jean-Pierre ChevĂ©nement's visage -- it's the other shots that are of greater interest to me: the posters that are torn away to reveal startling pairings of images, and the photographic imagery wheat-pasted over contoured surfaces, transforming what are supposed to be stately, assuring images of politicians into ghoulish, comical, or Pinnochio-esque caricatures.

Reached by email, Fellonneau says he can't say yet whether his aim is commentary or documentation. "I'll write a statement later, once I really know what it is," he promises. "Of course, it has something documentary, but not only I hope."

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