Bits: 01.31.12

 • This weekend is the last for the 2012 Art Shanty Projects, in which artists transform icefishing shanties into creative hubs for community. Read my piece about it at the Walker website. 

• Accra Shepp on why he started photographing individuals participating in Occupy Wall Street: "The press said the movement was predominantly young and white. And I kept seeing Asians, Latinos, blacks. This doesn't look so homogenous. There were people in their 60s and young children with their families. And I thought, this is what people need to see. "

• Neil Young: "Piracy is the new radio. That's how music gets around."

Antony Gormley: "Squatting is a very good way of preserving properties while at the same time putting them to good use. It's a no-brainer that properties that are awaiting renovation or don't have commercial tenants can be of use for creative things, and indeed to provide shelter for the homeless."

• Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., told artists last night: “If all you want to do is sing and dance and paint, that won’t be good enough. You’ve got to be part of a political movement that would make sure that we do have public support for the arts.”

Printeresting digs up Chris Jordan's 2009 artwork The Great Wave, in which he renders Hokusai‘s The Great Wave off Kanagawa using ”2.4 million pieces of plastic, equal to the estimated number of pounds of plastic pollution that enter the world’s oceans every hour.”

• How does a 5-year-old view the GOP's logo? A designer's daughter, analyzing various logos, looked at the Republican elephant and said, "That is a parade outfit."

• Your moment of: decommissioned WW2 planes repainted by street artists.

• A pop-up park in NYC.

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