New Broken Crow: Carnivores in South Minneapolis

BC @ Peace Coffee, day 1
Fresh off their mural with Over Under in Northeast Minneapolis, Broken Crow (John Grider, Mike Fitzsimmons) is just about done with another one, this time on the back wall of the building that houses XYandZ Gallery, the Trylon and Peace Coffee in South Minneapolis. I stopped by twice over the past few days to capture the process -- from the initial black stencil layer to the hand-painted color overlays to the final black stencil coat -- but I'll have to grab a shot of the final piece tomorrow. As BC's Mike said this morning, there's some irony in the fact that their giant image of cheetahs feasting on a downed zebra now advertises the parking lot of a place called Peace Coffee.

See more shots at my Flickr page.

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