Obey-style Ai Weiwei graphic by Artorical

I've been half-expecting a Shepard Fairey Ai Weiwei poster, but as Niborama (via Hyperallergic Labs) reports, somebody beat him to it: Artorical created this poster, inspired by Fairey's ubiquitous Obey imagery:
The Chinese text 爱未来, (replacing the omnipotent “OBEY”) translates in English to “Love The Future”, which has been adopted as the watchword, or rallying cry in support of Ai’s release because it is very similar to the Chinese spelling of his name 艾未未.
Writes Fairey in response to a query by Niborama:
“I think the poster is great. I wholly endorse the message and I’m proud that an homage to my work is the form it has taken. I have been following the Ai Weiwei situation sympathetically and I am a strong advocate of social justice in my own work, so I like and support the poster Andrew made.”
Also, after my foray into rubylith, here's a glimpse of my Ai rubylith in progress.

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