Bits: 11.26.10

Monika Sziladi, Untitled (Ribs), 2009

Picture Black Friday is "an open call for photographers throughout the U.S. to go out and produce images that document Black Friday -- how you see it, on your terms." Submissions accepted through Dec. 5.

PDN: "To cheer up his 91-year-old Hungarian grandma, Frederika, French photographer Sacha Goldberger took a series of photographs with her wearing various crazy costumes in different poses. While the photographs are purposefully surrealistic, Frederika Goldberger is a hero, having saved lives during World War II. "

Ben Davis at Artnet: "The movement of art and art criticism, as I have come to see it, is a movement of threading, of finding the points where art and its world connect back to everything else, the big, beautiful, sometimes fucked up and scary world beyond it. If you can’t stomach being interested in the wider world and having a thought about it, and figuring out how that relates back to what artists are doing in the present, then all you are left with is meaningless professional opinion, of interest mainly to other art professionals or those in their spell. "

Flashmob sings Handel's "Messiah" in a mall food court. Had I not grown up a Catholic school kid enlisted to sing Christmas carols in malls, I'd think it could be construed as subversive.

Pomplamoose -- the duo that does excellent, quirky multi-track (looped? multi-layer video?) covers of everything from Beyonce and Lady Gaga to The Chordettes -- just made Hyundai's new holiday TV commercial.

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