Bits: 10.15.10

A wall to be repainted by artists during the Moniker Int'l Art Fair in London, now through Sunday.

• Brooklyn artist Julia Torres was arrested, handcuffed, and kept in a holding cell for 23 hours this summer for graffiti. Her crime: Doing outdoor watercolor paintings -- on paper taped to the wall.

• Brazilian street-art duo Os Gemeos makes an awfully nice zine for the Fame festival.

• New York exhibition: The Last Newspaper, "inspired by the ways artists approach the news and respond to the stories and images that command the headlines," on view through Jan. 9 at the New Museum.

• Minneapolis exhibition: Endless Winter, featuring new paintings and prints by Drew Peterson, opens Friday night at Fox Tax Gallery.

• Interview: Photographer Brian Ulrich in BOMB.

• Dummy copy that ain't: Designers, instead of Lorem ipsum, why not use text from Moby Dick, War of the Worlds or other classics?

• The Walker Art Center is now free for those under age 18.

And today in inflatable Russian artillery....


sharyn morrow said...

Reading that article about Ms. Torres was maddening! Unfortunately I've had artist friends who have had bizarrely similar experiences right here in Minneapolis. Very discouraging.

Mark Gisleson said...

I thought the whole point of lorem ipsum was to not distract the eye with recognizable text.

Look at a page of lorem ipsum and nothing distracts you from how the text flows over the page. When I tried the Moby Dick sample, I started reading immediately each time I looked at the text.