Bits: 04.14.10

Manga Farming, Koshi Kawachi via Pink Tentacles

Alec Soth gets his own baseball card.

• "Electronic civil disobedience" artist and UC-San Diego art professor Ricardo Dominguez could face possible criminal charges for his involvement in protests against university budget cuts. As Hyperallegic reports, Dominguez rallied students in an "online sit-in" which amounted to a denial-of-service attack on the institution's web servers: several hundred students participated in trying to access the school's website in hopes of crashing it.

• Minneapolis Exhibition: The Talent Show -- a Peter Eleey–curated show which "examines a range of complicated relationships that have emerged between artists, audiences, and participants in light of the competing desires for notoriety and privacy that mark our present cultural moment" -- is on view through August 15 at the Walker Art Center.

• Call for Artists: Application deadline for UNTITLED, the Minneapolis nonprofit artspace SOOVAC's seventh annual juried show (curated by Scott Stulen), is April 30.

• Video: Every painting at MoMA, April 10, 2010, via @artfagcity.

Sarah Jessica Parker's new art reality-TV show has a local contestant, ID'd by the show as only Miles, 23, from Minneapolis. I found myself with the only 23-year-old artmaking Minneapolitan Miles over the weekend and he confirms his participation in the show, which premiers on Bravo June 9. His only report was that the filming was the "craziest thing" ever.

• Pretty great story of a guy, inspired by absurdist-sign-wielding counter-protesters joining the Westboro Baptist Church gang at Twitter headquarters, plans to infilitrate, out-crazy and drive the tea partiers out of relevance. "Whenever possible, we will act on behalf of the Tea Party to exaggerate their least appealing qualities (misspelled protest signs, wild claims in TV interviews, etc.)," writes Crash the Tea Party founder Jason Levin.

Bike du jour: Custom built it holds two kegs beneath an inlaid wood bar, a rack for hauling pizzas, and a wood-paneled pannier/stereo system.

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