Bits: 10.09.09

Bottles by Blu in Ancona, Italy, via Unurth, which has the full-size image.

• The World Monuments Fund's Most Endangered list includes one regional mention -- Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen in Spring Green, Wis. Via @cmonstah.

• Kara Walker: "Obama's Peace prize is a vote of confidence in all of us who voted for him." Via @thatwaszen. Here's Obama's speech about winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Full episodes of the first four seasons of PBS' Art:21 series are now available for online viewing.

• Two days after Egypt said it'd stop cooperating with the Louvre over stolen antiquities, the Paris museum says it will return five frescoes it purchased in the '80s.

• Risking 30 days in jail, VICE's Alex Hoban snuck onto Japan's Hashima Island -- aka Battleship Island -- to photograph the abandoned and dangerously crumbling former Mitsubishi coal mining facility an hour off the port of Nagasaki.

• The Big Picture looks at Royal de Luxe's newest giant-puppet show, "The Berlin Reunion."

• Via The Awl, the art of Carla Bruni Sarkozy, features the French first lady's portraits of Bono, David Lynch, Aung San Suu Kyi, the Obamas, and others.

• Like The Soap Factory's excellent exhibition, The Austerity Cookbook, Brooklyn's Nurture Art is looking at recession-inspired art.

Minimalist movie posters, via Etre.



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