Bits: 10.07.09

Turner Prize contender Roger Hiorns' Seizure, a vacant London flat covered in liquid copper sulfate

RIP Irving Penn.

• Tres Americain! The Louvre gets a McDonald's, but loses Egypt. The country has cut ties with the French institution until it gets back "stolen" Pharaonic relics.

• A critique of Frank Gehry's first museum -- and relief that he's expanding the facility.

• Copyright overreach: MySpace won't let musician Edwyn Collins stream a song he owns because it (incorrectly) believes Warner Brothers owns the copyright. "[We are] aware of who the biggest bootleggers are: It's not the filesharers," says his wife/manager. It's big labels who continue selling the single online even after their license to it has run out.

• An Italian chemist recreates the Shroud of Turin using Middle Ages-era materials and practices, disproving claims by some that it "has unexplainable characteristics that cannot be reproduced by human means."

• Trailer: Vannessa Gould's Between the Folds, which interviews 10 origami artist about the mathematics of paper-folding.

Scary Jason Hackenwerth monster balloon costumes! Via @walkerartcenter.

• It'd be cute if it wasn't so creepy: Flies peeing.

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jafabrit said...

flies peeing LOL! yes that was creepy indeed.