The Art World's Least Powerful

Hyperallergic is hitting its stride, as evidenced by its counterpoint to ArtReview's Power 100 list of art influencers. Its “Top 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World!” alternates between good clean fun, gentle ribbing and more pointed jabs at contemporary art's excesses -- citing among the least powerful the "faceless miners in Sierra Leone who procured the 8,601 diamonds for Damien Hirst’s sparkling skull" and the homeless guy that shows up for freebies at openings ("Wine at gallery openings may be the art world’s only form of social service to people outside their realm, but hey, it’s something.") Then there's this one:
Candida Home, blind art blogger. While unphased by a ban on photography in many major galleries and museums, Candida disastrously tried to cover the Lakeland Ceramic Fair in Derbyshire, England and caused over £80,000 in damage because of her proclivity to touch the art. She has since been banned from most major art fairs and institutions and is only writing about public art.

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