Walker's "The Quick and the Dead" nominated for Guggenheim art award

The first annual Art Awards at the Guggenheim have a local nominee: The Walker Art Center -- the only non-New York American venue* nominated for a prize -- is up for best museum group show for The Quick and the Dead. In a twist, that show, curated by former New York-based Creative Time curator Peter Eleey, competes with After Nature, last year's show at the New Museum, now headed by former Walker chief curator Richard Flood.

Update: Given that artist Rob Pruitt's involved -- and the schlocky look of the prize (not to mention Mary-Kate Olson's participation) -- I should've known: this is part of a "performance-based artwork." Dur. (Thanks, Kristina.) That said, The Quick and the Dead, which closes this Sunday, is a fantastic show.

Pictured: Pierre Huyghe's Timekeeper (1999), a "circular abrasion to the wall, revealing the successive layers of paint from past exhibitions," from The Quick and the Dead.

* In solo shows, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, was nominated multiple times, but for exhibitions organized in collaboration with New York venues.

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