Design Observer launches Change Observer

Design Observer -- the superb visual culture blog by Michael Bierut, William Drenttel, Jessica Helfand and Julie Lasky -- just announced its makeover, becoming the Design Observer Group. The site now serves up four channels: Observatory (design essays, plus an archive of old Design Observer content), Places (the archive and future home of the journal Places: Forum of Design For the Public Realm), the audio/video channel Observer Media and -- most exciting to me -- Change Observer, dedicate to design for the common good:
It will provide timely information about design strategies aimed globally at improving health, education, housing, and the environment, and will feature reportage, interviews, opinion pieces, book and exhibition reviews, a photo gallery, and a resource center compiling information about key organizations and events. Change Observer will not only identify important people and projects related to design for social change, it will also assess their effectiveness through investigative reports by renowned journalists. Change Observer is edited by Julie Lasky and William Drenttel.
Congrats on the changes!

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