Bits: 07.20.09

Ottmar Hoerl's Poisoned

• Artist Ottmar Hoerl is under investigation by authorities in Nuremberg for his sculpture of a gold-gilded gnome. Nazi symbols and gestures are verboten there, but Hoerl -- who says he didn't put the sculpture in the gallery where it was found -- says it's a critique not a celebration: "With my gnomes I'm highlighting the danger of political opportunism and right-wing ideology. I get the feeling that this gnome has reopened an old wound." Via NewsGrist.

• Toronto's Posterchild has created tear-off, fill-in-the-blank fliers for "Urban Masters Exterior Painting Solutions": just fill out a slip indicating why you'd like an urban surface painted over it and leave it at said location.

John Baldessari sings Sol Le Witt (1972).

Nonsek, a just-launched site that lets you remix designs by Aesthetic Apparatus, Art Chantry and others to create your own unique t-shirt, also has a blog about remix culture. A recent post visits Baraboo, Wis., outsider artist Dr. Evermor and the world's biggest scrap-metal sculptural installation, his Forevertron.

• A user-modified Google map of the world marking where album covers were photographed. In Minnesota, we've only got a few -- Hüsker Dü, The Replacements and The Jayhawks.

Behold the mesmerizing world of Kuroshio Sea, the world's second-largest fish tank (at 35m wide and 27 m long, it's big enough to house four tiger sharks) in Okinawa.

Caetano Veloso sings "Billie Jean"!

Stop-action Lego videogames!

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