Bits: 07.08.09

Bucky/Fly's Eye/Dymaxion Car, 1980, featured in the just-closed MCA Chicago exhibition on Buckminster Fuller. Photo © Roger White Stoller. Via Art or Idiocy.

"Weeping Barbie syndrome" hits two of the Walker Art Center's Beuys' works!

• The Walker's Peter Eleey narrates a quick video about Pierre Huyghe's outdoor installation Wind Chime (After Dream), a series of wind chimes hung in trees in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and tuned to each of the notes in a 1948 John Cage composition. It's a remarkable piece, surprisingly contained within the trees that reveals itself bit by bit only as you wander among the trees.

• As Barry Hoggard offers an aerial view of New York's High Line, Steven Heller describes the elevated park as "one of the best New York experiences I've had since my bath water turned from light brown to clear."

• At Art:21, Hrag Vartanian crunches the numbers about arts funding and the federal stimulus.

• Walt Whitman shows up in two interesting places: a Levi's ad, where a voice that's purportedly his reads from his poem "America," and in a wonderful to-die-for obituary that Tyler Green pointed out to me is that of Akron Art Museum director Mitch Kahan's mother-in-law.

• Via C-Monster, a spot-on letter to Dwell magazine.

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