Bits: 06.12.09

The Glue Society, It wasn't meant to end like this, Sculpture by the Sea, Denmark, 2009

• "A performance by Christian Marclay, from the October 29, 1989, episode of the short-lived music television show Night Music."

• The Brooklyn Museum presents a slideshow of the 82-piece recent acquisition, Hank Willis Thomas’ series Unbranded: Reflections in Black by Corporate America.

• Art:21 offers a video look at artist Laylah Ali's collaborations with graphic designer Nicole Parente.

• Tim Burton is getting a multimedia career retrospective at MoMA this fall.

• New book: Stencil Nation: Community, Graffiti and Art by Russell Howze (Manic D Press), featuring Minneapolis' Amy Rice and John Grider and others. Also good: Mural Art, which also features Grider, available at the Walker book shop.

• ESPN's "Being Ed Templeton," a video on the artist and skateboarder. [via]

• Minnesota Public Radio on Tomas Saraceno's show at the Walker.

• A video introduction to Eyebeam's (just-closed!) Drawing Contemporaries, "an exhibition of work on paper made by a peer group of new media artists who all create drawings, both as a primary object and as an experimental process." Artists: Darren Kraft, Steve Lambert, Julia Schwadron, Michael Mandiberg, Marisa Olson and Lee Walton.

• "neverwouldbetoosoon..."

Amphibious bicycle! Shadow bike! Chrome chandelier bike! (Scroll down to third photo.)

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