Bits: 06.10.09

Artist Mike Bouchet's Watershed, a 1:1-scale American-style house, was to be installed at Venice's Arsenale basin on pontoons, but it sprung a leak. (Thanks, Jim.)

• WalrusTV offers a new video on Swoon, who, with the rest of her Swimming Cities of Serenissima crew, are now tweeting from the Venice Biennale.

• An employee at a Toronto Goodwill store found two pieces in the drop-off donation bin that turned out to be by 19th-century painter Federico Del Campo. The store sold them at auction yesterday for a combined price of $150,000.

• Lego's coming out with its own version of Frank Lloyd Wright's FallingWater.

• Clear Channel ad hacked to read "Liar Channel."

• A "ghostly imprint" of a recently removed house.

• "Beautiful Destruction": Aerial photos of the Alberta tar sands by Louis Helbig. [via]

• RIP Robert Colescott. [via]

• Tag on a discarded fridge in Bristol, UK: "I'm cold."

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