Bits: 06.03.09

Provisions Library's "Screamer" amplification device. (More here).

• Art Observed has all the Venice Biennale links.

• Painter Riki Kuropatwa tweaks how women are over-sexualized in ads. "Offering up women in the context of the roller derby rather than the lingerie shoot, the oil stick on panel works depict the same sort of suggestive poses and provocative peaks at bare skin that we might see in Victoria's Secret ads, but the 'derbygirlz' have traded in their stilettos for skates and tousled Giselle waves for helmet hair."

• Online book: Brian Holmes' Escape the Overcode: Activist Art in the Control Society. Via Groundswell.

Current.TV's video on the just-closed exhibition The Big Sad, featuring Barry McGee and Clare Rojas.

GOOD magazine's excellent infographics are all the hell over Flickr.

Window farms! (Thanks, Jeff.)

Cork art (including Minneapolis' Cork Truck).

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