Bits: 06.01.09

Greg Murr, Election Day 2008, on view at Morgan Lehman beginning Jun. 4

Greg Murr's series "The Usual Politics," features dogs as surrogates for people -- their "uncomplicated animal nature is altered by the introduction of symbolic trappings of society: high-heels, jewelry, and other emblems of luxury, technology and popular culture." In Election Day 2008, they're pictured "congregating in an absent space, noses to the ground and guided by instinct, yet still tethered to leashes that end mysteriously in the sky." Via Hustler of Culture.

"With newspapers in terminal decline, what future for arts journalism?" Via Mediation.

• For Memorial Day, Maira Kalman visits Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

• Andy Sturdevant digs up an unsuccessful campaign to shut down all art production, exhibition, sales and distribution from Jan. 1, 1990, to Jan. 1, 1993.

• "The mind is not the brain. Confusing the two, as much neuro-social-science does, leads to a dehumanised world and a controlling politic."

Visualizing randomness, via Infosthetics.

• The Mona Lisa makes an appearance as a skirt-wearing soldier in a Russian firehouse mural.

Logo trends 2009, via designboom.

• Performance artist Ansuman Biswas will be the Manchester Museum's hermit in residence. He'll take 40 objects -- leading online discussions about one each day -- into the museum's Gothic Tower, where he'll live for 40 days and 40 nights. His stint, the first of its kind for the UK museum, begins June 27.

Jimmy Stamp: "Batman is integrally linked to his city, the city he has sworn to protect. In every sense of the word, he is a true avatar of Gotham. And Gotham City itself is an avatar, not only of the dreams of its fictional architects, but of our collective urban paranoia."

Scraper bikes in Oakland.

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