Let Eyeteeth curate your Art-a-Whirl weekend

Adding to Andy Sturdevant's list of must-sees this Art-a-Whirl (Gay Witch Abortion playing on a floating raft as part of S.S. Infinite Regress; Burlesque, Hardland/Heartland and others' 24-hour art marathon; Gastro Non Grata at the Ritz, which features a live Flak Radio broadcast), here's a few more standout events this weekend.

Illuminating Thorp: New media art outfit Northern Lights (led by curator Steve Dietz) offers a range of projects, including Friday-night projection performances by Minneapolis Art on Wheels members, plus a presentation by Andrea Steudel of her Mobile Shadow Projections on the exterior of the Thorp Building.

Who Made Who: The tiny Northeast design studio -- showing limited edition silkscreens, prints and original art by owner Amy Jo, Dale "TOOTH" Flattum, and Lonny Unitus -- is open all weekend, but get there before 7:00 tonight for their $5 poster sale.

Broken Crow/Overunder Mural: Just across the street, see Minneapolis-based Broken Crow and guest artist OverUnder (Erik Burke) as they install what might, unofficially at least, be the country's largest stencil-based mural on the exterior of Shuga Records (formerly MCP). The wall's primed and the stencils are going up (the porcupine is nearly done). They'll be taking a break to put in three hours at the Walker Art Center Teen Art Council's "Don't Sleep On It" 24-hour art marathon.

Lordy, Lordy: Maybe it was the flask of whisky we were passing, but in past years, biking between orthodox churches that are showing Byzantine icons was truly remarkable. Check out the iconography demonstrations at St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral. To get your church on a bit more: Chillon Leach in the Casket Arts Building is having a sale on hand-painted liturgical stoles.

AAW@331: Live free music by Skoal Kodiak, Daughters of the Sun, The Roe Family Singers, Lookbook, All the Pretty Horses and others, Friday and Saturday night at 331, 13th and University. Via L'etoile.

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