Bits: 04.23.09

Matt Leines' Untitled (Red Heads), 2006

• The Guardian invokes artist Amy Francheschini's name in reference to the Obama's planting an organic Victory Garden at the White House, while agribusiness views the First Family's garden as an outrage, sending Michelle Obama a letter encouraging her to recognise the role of “conventional agriculture” in feeding the growing US population with a “safe and economical food supply."

A visual guide to the world of street vendors, created by the Street Vendor Project, the Center for Urban Pedagogy and Candy Chang.

• Eyebeam/Anti-Advertising Agency guy makes "ADVERTISING: WE WANT GRAFFITI" stencils to apply to ads placed on graf walls.

• Stock market down, "agrivestment" up: "According to the NCREIF US Farm Index and the Lehman US Bond Index, returns to direct investments in farmland have exceeded stock and bond returns over the past 5, 10, and 17 years, with less volatility."

• An only somewhat fluffy New York Post piece on "how Minneapolis became an arts powerhouse."

14 postcards that rhyme with "Happy New Year," including "Mappy Nude Rear."

• A Spock spork, The Enterprise Project (artist-modified versions of Capt. Kirk's ship), a preposterously (or enviably, back in the day) large collection of Star Wars figures.

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