Bits: 04.17.09

Street-art plaque by We Will Kill You, via GammaBlog.

• Designer Ji Lee is on a mission: to preserve, photographically at least, New York City logos that still show the World Trade Center towers in their skylines. "These logos will not last forever as many of the small business will either update their logos at some point or close their doors eventually," writes Lee. "Thus the Twin Towers would sadly vanish forever." (Via logodesignlove.)

• Exhibition: Chris Larson's True North opens tonight at the Chambers Burnet Gallery, Minneapolis, with works related to shotguns: shotgun shacks shrouded in ice and 2- and 3-D works made "by literally shooting objects repeatedly and then capturing or reconstructing the aftermath."

Art Nouveau magazine interviews Justseeds' Josh MacPhee on art and activism.

• A local winner in the PBR Art Contest features two handpainted renderings of a burly guy, a giant squid and a can of beer.

Here's where to go to win an original Damien Hirst. Really.

• BLDGBLOG on space-based storm control.

• Free stream of Wilco's recent Tangletown show.

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