Bits: 04.08.09

A Buckminster Fuller portrait for Mined magazine, created by HunterGatherer. Via AMNP.

• "Recessional Aesthetics": In Dubai, the UK, and beyond, artists may be the accidental beneficiaries of the cruddy economy. As businesses and commercial spaces close, artists are moving in to score affordable studios.

• Today in pink: Day-glo trash bags, and a natty stormtrooper at the G20 protests.

• With LA artist Mark Bradford giving the keynote at next week's National Art Education Association conference here in Minneapolis, Art:21 interviews Bradford and offers a clip of the artist discussing Practice, a video of a hoopskirt-wearing Bradford shooting baskets (part of the Walker Art Center's collection).

• Frank Zappa on What's My Line?, Zappa on "The Monkees," and a Zappa soundtrack to a 1967 Ludens coughdrops commercial.

• Exhibition: Scratching on Things I Could Disavow: A History of Art in the Arab World / Part 1_Volume 1_Chapter_1 (Beirut: 1992-2005), a project by Walid Raad, opens Friday at REDCAT.

• Video: An excerpt from René Laloux’s "mesmerising psychedelic sci-fi animated feature," Fantastic Planet (1973), via Jennifer Yin.

• MCAD grad Mike Perry has a new project: a kit of 50 iron-ons.

• UK residents swarm a Google Street View car, complaining about "invasion of privacy" and fears that the imagery could be used by burglars.

Argyle skull socks!

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