Bits: 04.03.09

In the wee hours of April Fool's Day 2009 in St. Petersburg, Russia, teenagers detonated explosives in the backside of a statue of Lenin.

• Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris turns his Interrotron -- which he's used to interview Abu Ghraib guards, Vietnam War architect Robert McNamara, and moderate voters who supported Barack Obama -- on a new topic: his and hers Depends adult diapers.

• There are some real gems in Yoko Ono's official Flickr stream.

Art:21 episodes are on Hulu!

• Trailer: Sasha Baron Cohen follows up Borat with... Bruno. Here, Bruno interviews skinheads at "Evilfest."

The Twin Cities' artsiest tax guy, Mark Fox, interviewed by TCBiz.

• G20 photo, aptly headlined, "How Many Cameras Does it Take to Break a Window?"

• A Marcel Dzama-directed video for Department of Eagles.

• The U.S. Post Office is making Simpson's stamps.


C-Monster said...

shouldn't have had that bean burrito

Anonymous said...

did you notice that the adult diapers thing came right after lenin's blowout? subtle...