Bits: 03.23.09

Brian Ulrich, CIRCUIT CITY, 2008, courtesy of the artist

• Chicago photographer Brian Ulrich's new series on abandoned big-box stores and empty malls is featured in the Mar. 23 issue of TIME. From the archives, here's my audio slideshow/interview with Brian from last March. Related: The trailer for the film Malls R Us.

• This Saturday, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, presents the international panel, "Curating and Activism," a daylong shindig featuring videos by Andrea Bowers and Josephine Meckseper; lectures and panels with guests including Michael Rakowitz, Sharon Hayes, Steve Kurtz and others; and more. The Galleries at Moore has the details.

• Forecast announces its 2009 public-art grant recipients.

Spacesick redesigns logos for evil fictional corporations from movies, including Tyrell Corporation from Blade Runner and Rekall from Total Recall. Related: Your Logo Makes Me Barf. Via Adfreak.

• A German company that makes Obama-Fingers fried chicken tenders "says it was unaware of the possible racist overtones of the product.”

• While no empirical evidence exists yet, animal rescue groups say black dogs are more discriminated against than dogs of other colors-- meaning longer shelter stays and higher euthanasia rates. [via]

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