Bits: 02.19.09

From “Way to Go Go (The Tao of the Pink Slip)” via 2buildings1blog.

• Creative Capital's just-announced 2009 grants include a local: playwright, poet and humorist Robert Farid Karimi. Artistic director of Kaotic Good Productions, Karimi will receive an initial $10,000 grant plus career consulting worth another $25,000. His project, The Cooking Show con Karimi y Comrades: Diabetes of Democracy, "uses the framework of a live cooking show to engage audiences on the subject of diabetes in communities of color." Among the other 60 grant-winning artists: Matthew Coolidge of the Center for Land Use Interpretation, poet Paul Beatty, writer Rebecca Solnit, artist Beatriz da Costa, media art collective neuroTransmitter, former Minneapolis playwright Lisa D’amour and Walker Art Center regulars Young Jean Lee and Tere O'Connor. See all the winners.

• Via @artsMIA, an Eames-inspired prosthetic leg.

• John MacArthur on Studs Terkel in Harper's: "Studs called himself a 'radical conservative,' asserting that 'radical means getting to the core of things.' At the core of his life was the importance of memory and of hope."

White Canvas goes into the "bittersweet" world of illustrator Gary Baseman.

• I wasn't aware of the contoversy, but apparently magenta is a color. Whew.

• House Minority Whip Eric Cantor created a music video bragging that no Republicans supported the economic stimulus package. Now Aerosmith, whose "Back In The Saddle" made up the soundtrack, has asked YouTube to pull the video, which used their song without permission.

• The Decemberists are looking for poster designs for their SXSW NPR showcase.

Obama sushi.

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