Bits: 02.13.09

Detail from the Radical Islam t-shirt via FiddlyIO.

• I've heard of seat-fillers, but for architectural firms? After massive layoffs, a firm boss "was offering $100 cash to employees' friends who could come in during the meeting, sit at desks, and look busy" -- all for the benefit of an important client.

• Photojournalism bits: NEED magazine has a nice gallery of Nepalese girls spared from human trafficking, and the World Press Photo of the Year goes to a news shot of a sheriff clearing a home after an eviction.

• With all due respect to Twin Cities illustrator Mary GrandPre, M.S. Corley's speculative Penguin Classic-style book covers for the Harry Potter series are a refreshing change of pace. Via Curate.

Vito Acconci on VBS.tv, via Culturebot: "The great thing about words is they seem so definite but they're so hazy and cloudy."

• This starts out as a bit of classic culture-jamming, but then gets weird: Shoppers in Grand Forks return to their cars to find fake parking tickets on their windshields, with a note to go online to see evidence of their infraction. When they get there, malware is downloaded to their computer.

• Improv Everywhere wants to give you a high-five.

Pie chart of pie-shaped light.

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