Bits: 02.11.09

Mikey Burton's Live with Art III, reproduced with permission, via Hustler of Culture.

• Just Seeds, who brought us yesterday's look at political traincar graffiti, points out revolutionary posters from around the world at OSPAAL, the Organization of Solidarity of the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

• A gallery of sorta-cool-mostly-creepy anatomical tattoos from Street Anatomy.

• Psst... There's going to be a flash mob outside the Walker Art Center on Thursday. But don't tell anyone; it's a secret.

• The earliest known daguerrotype of Abraham Lincoln?

• A timeline of smArtHistory. [via]

Your moment of ginormous Obama sand painting.

• The trailer for My Kid Could Paint That.

Truly fascinating footage of narwhals -- "arctic unicorns" -- as they pass through cracks in the ice.

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